NuAg Post-Processing Lab


Crude plant extract from the supercritical CO2 Extractor needed to be post-processed before it was ready to be sold to manufacturers. This is my lab where I would separate pure CBD from the extract and then convert it to structurally related compounds also found in the hemp plant. Using my experience in synthetic organic chemistry, I developed an efficient pathway to create semi-synthetic CBN which is worth about 10x CBD. 

IMG_3175 (2).jpg
IMG_3078 (1).jpg

CBD was crystallized in 30kg batches in this reactor using heptane as a solvent and cooled to -40C


I performed many small-scale reactions in order to find suitable operating parameters, and tried many different reagents. The final reaction was scaled up to 3kg.

Below is a vacuum distillation of the final purified oil which was done in 2-3kg batches once per day.