Supercritical CO2 Extractor

A friend of mine was involved in a CBD hemp business and told me about a machine they were planning on buying which would extract oils and medicinal compounds from the plant material. I offered to build one for them instead, and this was the result.

IMG_8936_Original (2)_edited.jpg

I built this supercritical CO2 extractor from scratch for about $30,000 total. It has the same processing capacity as a similar commercial extractor starting at $145,000. The operating pressure is 3,000psi. A five gallon bucket of crude plant extract could be produced about once per week. 


Pictures of the main pressure vessels and the crude extract

CO2 was pumped from 600psi in the low pressure separators to 3000psi in the main extraction vessels using a gas booster powered by a very large air compressor outside.